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Meera Jee in news again with her latest statement

People have lost faith in Pakistan’s legal system as a result of a rise in the number of incidents of women assaul, with not a single offender receiving punished. As a result, people have grown increasingly afraid and frustrated. All of the horrible occurrences that occurred on Pakistan’s Independence Day confirmed our conviction that women are not secure anywhere in the country. She is in danger whether she is alone or not.

In this bleak scenario, everyone is raising their voice, notably our celebrities, who are utilising social media channels to do so. Meera, who is notorious for causing issues in order to be in the headlines, has made another nonsensical comment. According to her, women in Pakistan should be treated with such respect that they are forced to assault males.

The significance of Meera’s comment is lost on many people. People are criticising Meera for her insensitive statements since joking over such a serious situation is the most inappropriate thing one can do.

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