Meera Jee just can’t seem to keep herself out of controversy!

Meera Jee just can't seem to keep herself out of controversy!

Miss Meera, a famous actor of Pakistan, who spoiled her fame and image because of her numerous dramas has met with yet another unfortunate incident.

The actor has reportedly lost her bag and passport while travelling, and does not know where to go for help. Naturally, the bag contained all of Meera’s belongings, including her money.

My passport, my cash and everything else that was in my bag has disappeared. I am a star and the Pakistani High Commission in the UAE should help me out,” says Meera

She also revealed that she had been visiting Dubai in search of work, and is currently in between negotiations to secure her future in the showbiz industry. And if that does not fall through, Meera already has a contingency plan for herself.

Now, we don’t know if it is another way of being in the limelight and a way of getting sympathy & money, or she actually lost her valuable things, but one thing is sure that our beloved attention seeker ‘Meera Jee’ loves to be in the news.


Fareeha Imdad

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