Meera Ji has once again slammed a Pakistani actress, but for a serious reason!

Meera Ji has once again slammed a Pakistani actress, but for a serious reason!

Ramazan had just to start and our TV screens were flooded with Ramazan transmissions, yearning to bag the TRPs one after another. In the midst of all, Ushna Shah came forward with a straight-forward albeit controversial statement that has definitely divided Pakistani industry into two.

The actress slammed all the celebrities for partaking religious activities on TV in the Holy Month. Shah rebuked that actors and actresses only fake their love for religion in Ramazan, just to become part of the race that ensues TRPs all across the month. She showed extensive disappointment and much more on Pakistani film industry by penning an open letter that has since become talk of the town.

Here is something from Ushna Shah’s letter that instantly plastered on social media, with some supporting and other criticizing it to a great extent:

“I have zero respect for the veil [donning] Virgin Marys who make millions off Ramazan transmissions by preaching the word of God on Iftar shows and become tutti fruitties a month later.”

But, it seems that Meera Ji couldn’t control herself once again from landing into controversy and roasting another actress. She took to Twitter a great taunt, but nonetheless somewhat justifying one. The veteran actress tweeted:

Savagely roasting Ushna, Meera Jee told her to set her priorities straight. Seems that she can be serious too sometimes! Earlier, Hamza Ali Abbasi posted a similar status in which he rebuked people who criticize those who don religious avatar for just a month. He told people not to mock these season Muslims but encourage them, as it could lead people to permanently follow the path of Islam. Though the status wasn’t directed at Ushna, we felt that the timing wasn’t a co-incidence.

Let’s see what Ms. Shah has to say, now that the legendary Meera has given her two cents.


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