Meera says she gets wrinkles added to her face to improve acting

Meera Jee, the famous Pakistani on-screen character, is an easily recognized name, and her age is something that has consistently been a point of enthusiasm for a few, if relatively few.

In an industry where age should be the last thing while judging talents, people have given Meera a hard time for never quite revealing her age, and she finally addressed herself aging in a behind the scenes interview with Something Haute at the LSA rehearsals.

While talking to Something Haute about her journey with Lux and her performance at the LSA ’19, the conversation shifted to Meera’s wrinkles and the star had a lot of interesting insights regarding the topic. She revealed just how proud she is of her wrinkles, saying, “I think they make my expressions appear more beautiful. I don’t have any lines on my face but I really like wrinkles.”

She at that point proceeded to include how Hollywood entertainers utilize their maturing skin to improve their outward appearances and their characters. “There’s this one idea here that you must be excellent. Being excellent isn’t acting, acting is something different,” said the prepared entertainer.

“I exceptionally request that my primary care physician add wrinkles to my face. I don’t need any Botox, I need my face to be loaded with demeanors, since that is the thing that my fans love me for,” included Meera.

It’s reviving to perceive how the Baaji on-screen character is grasping her age and her wrinkles, and progressing in the direction of making them work for her. Watch the entire meeting here:

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