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Meera underwent a serious surgery

Film actor Meera is admitted in a private hospital in Dubai, where she underwent a ‘major surgery’. Her husband, Captain Naveed, said that she underwent a serious operation on Wednesday, and it was fortunately, successful.

“It was quite a critical operation, she underwent a major surgery. However, it was successful and Meera is in the recovery room at the moment.”

He added, “she will remain in the hospital for a couple of days,” without relaying any further information about the nature of the operation or illness.

However, earlier in an exclusive video, she told her fans that there was nothing to worry about and asked them to pray for her.

“I am here for some check-ups and everything is normal. I just need your blessings and your prayer,” she said.

While prior reports claimed that the Baaji starlet had been complaining of abdominal pain and skin irritation, while she was unable make time for her treatment. Later it was discovered that she had to be rushed to the hospital after a sudden blow to her health. After which she was advised to undergo surgery.

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