Is Mehwish Hayat interested in working in Bollywood?

Is Mehwish Hayat interested in working in Bollywood?

At the time when majority of the Pakistani actors are dreaming to work across the border, Mehwish Hayat is breaking stereotypes with her can-do attitude and the love for this industry. The actress has her priorities straight – she is not at all interested in venturing to Bollywood industry.

Ms Hayat has stated that she feels that Indian film producers are casting leading Pakistani actors in B & C grade roles, which is not at all acceptable for her.

She further said that our local artistes are opting for Bollywood in order to attain more fame. However, as sad as that, the behaviour they are being subjected to, and the treatment that they are receiving from our neighbours must open their eyes.

Being out and loud about her decision, Mehwish is not at all interested in Bollywood projects. She is of the view that she will continue preferring Pakistan because of the abundance of drama and film projects that she is being offered here.

No matter that our Pakistani artistes are making us proud, but Mehwish’s realistic and practical observation should be lauded. Not only is she defying the mainstream strategy of being famous and going to Bollywood, but she is proudly owning the love for her work and this country. You go girl!


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