Mekaal Hasan on collaboration with Indian singer

Mekaal Hasan on collaboration with Indian singer

Sufi-rock Pakistani band, Mekaal Hasan Band and Indian singer Sharmishta Chatterjee have decided to work together.

With the constantly shaky relationship between the two countries, Chatterjee have still managed to work with Pakistani artist. Not only this Sharmishta Chaterjee will collaborate with other Pakistani artists as well. In the last two years Indian singer has visited Pakistan thrice.

While the news of Hasan’s new lineup for the Mekaal Hasan Band, featuring drummer Gino Banks, bassist Sheldon D’Silva and vocalist Sharmistha Chatterjee, was overshadowed by protests and the politics behind it, the Sufi rock guitarist says in an email interview, “We will not be making any political statements or giving answers to questions which carry political commentary. The musicians have enough talent to let the music speak the truth.”

Although Chatterjee does not have any plans to return to Pakistan in the recent future, she would love to come and perform again, if the opportunity arises.

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