Mirror that can hide your flaws

Panasonic Mirror

You apply beauty products for two reasons; either they are good or they are fun to apply. Fair enough, you apply, show off and wash it off. But have you ever thought of something temporary yet so much on point for your skin to hide all the flaws and make you look perfect and flawless?

Panasonic, came up with the perfect solution with super-smart mirror, that analyzes the complexion and prints out customized temporary tattoo-like makeup. The prototype for the mirror was experimented in Japan, and here is how it works:

Panasonic Mirror panasonic-mirror-1

When a person looks at the reflection, the mirror analyzes the face and spots all the blemishes, sunspots and other flaws. Once you get past the mirror-shaming process, it prints out a custom patch of foundation and concealer that matches the skin tone. How cool is that? You simply press the sheet against your skin, wet it, and smooth it on.

Panasonic Mirror

This has to be the coolest invention so far in the field of beauty and cosmetics. Beauty meets technology is what it is all about. Though the mirror is still in the prototype stage, so it takes a day to print out the makeup patch. Imagine, when it will be available in the market, it is definitely going to give tough time to a lot of brands.


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