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Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of all?

By: Rabia Mansoor

Something we all have heard growing up is “her complexion isn’t fair”, “he isn’t handsome enough”. In today’s world, where there is so much diversity, one thing we still haven’t got over is the concept of fairness and beauty.

This stigma has not just affected women but men too. And this isn’t just limited to verbal expressions or criticism but digital world equally plays a role in promoting this concept. For years beauty products have been promoting fairness and good looks. This isn’t now just limited to beauty products but other mediums of publications are now promoting it too.

A textbook for children focused on this concept and we couldn’t help sharing it. It is such a pity that we are now promoting this wrong culture of beauty and fairness among young minds when we should be focusing on nourishing these minds for the betterment of society and not labeling people over color, class, status, looks, etc.

Around the globe, this perspective always has affected people negatively. It further leads to self-criticism, lack of confidence, depression and constant obsessive thoughts about being a failure- not good enough at anything because you’re simply not fair or pretty looking.

With such negativity in our perspectives, where can we see our nation heading to in future years? Is the next generation going to go through the same stigma or will we ever be able to get past this and end this wrong culture ever?

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