Model Ayyan Ali is coming back home in June

Model Ayyan Ali is coming back home in June

Well, with latest updates it seems as though Ayyan Ali will have to make a come back in June as in a judge hearing on currency smuggling case against the model, who apparently has flown abroad, expressed resentment over her nonappearance.

The model took no time in flying out of the country as soon as her name was lifted from from a no-fly ban, which was claimed on her due to the currency smuggling case.

Ayyan Ali pleaded guilty in front of the court back in November 2015 when she was accused for attempting to smuggle over half a million dollars out of the country.

Currently, the judge has rejected her fresh application for exemption of appearance and directed her to appear in next the hearing that will take place on June 6.

It seems as though the court is assured that the model will return home to Pakistan in June.


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