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Mohsin Abbas Haider reveals why he said yes to project “Meri Guriya”

The first episode of Meri Guriya was aired on June 27, starting with the assault and murder of a young lady and the police addressing the media about it. A sneaky young fellow by the name of Dabeer was additionally presented. Dabeer possesses a supermarket and an amusements shop in the city and is additionally going to get married soon.

Be that as it may, while he appeared an alright individual upon first look, the youth will before long be uncovered similar to the attacker and killer of the young lady. Mohsin Abbas Haider who papers Dabeer to discover more about the early serial and what influenced him to go up against the part which, without a doubt, must be the hardest one he has done so far.

While talking to Mohsin Abbas, he revealed that his daughter was the reason he signed this project. If his daughter had not passed away, he would have not understood what it meant to be a father and to bear the loss of a child, he would not have understood what it meant to cope with loss.

While talking about his daughter he said, “my baby girl died due to an illness. But to think that someone’s daughter dies in a way that Zainab Ansari from Kasur did, and the way other parents have lost their children to such crimes… I wondered how they [the parents] must have felt. My daughter may have left this world but I am still a father and always will be. Her loss was the reason I did this role.”

This project has been by far the most hardest project for Mohsin Abbas Haider since the story is about a girl who was first raped and then murdered. Mohsin who also lost his daughter knows the feeling of losing a daughter. The first episode has already been on aired. Let’s see how and what response we get from the serial.

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