Momina Mustehsan opens up about breakup & social media backlash

Momina Mustehsan opens up about breakup & social media backlash

Momina Mustehsan can’t seem to distance herself from all the gossips, limelight and drama. Whatever she does, becomes the headlines of tabloids all over the country and across. However, the big break to her personal life was she decided to part ways with her the then fiancee, the USA Banker Ali Naqvi.

As soon as the news of breakup surfaced on the web, the internet had literally gone bonkers over what happened. Simultaneously, Ms. Mustehsan had to face a backlash from her fans too! Reason? We don’t even know!

Recently, she opened up about the whole episode of her breakup and the intense reaction that social media sent her way. The Afreen Afreen singer said:

“I do want to distance myself, because no matter how hard you try – it does leave an impact on you.”

She further revealed that the whole drama and the fuss that was created gave her a short-term downfall, but she returned stronger than before.

Commenting on social media and the rumours that have been attached with her since her step into this world, she stated:

“Sometimes, I feel like deactivating all my social media handles and live in peace for a while, but even then I won’t be able to.

“There will be people who’ll assume I’m undergoing depression or something.”

Momina became a hype after her debut with Coke Studio 9, however, none of her song was nominated for Lux Style Awards 2017.

“It’s okay if I or neither of my songs got nominated.

“Being acknowledged by the masses and having them extend their love and support is enough for me to keep giving my best.”

Seems that Mustehsan has emerged out more stronger and powerful than before. And we are all best wishes for her future ahead!


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