Momina Mustehsan wants Ali Zafar to apologize to Meesha Shafi


Momina Mustehsan has come forward demanding an apology from Ali Zafar if he has consciously or unconsciously made her female colleagues felt uncomfortable in her tweet. People were quick to question Shafi’s character but they somewhere forgot how even an influential female can feel harassed.

After Meesha Shafi even she was securitize by our own people. She gave away a well written statement regardless of any biases but she was been targeted for being an influential female. Is this what we want for our future generations to feel?

The fear of being judged is keeping all the females to speak up!

Rather than questioning the females why don’t we start questioning our dominant gender?

Distancing yourself won’t bring a difference it is accepting the dominance and giving them more space to grow!

Her dating life doesn’t depict who she is.

That won’t bring any justice to your sister or daughter, will it?

For you this must be “shit” but for majority of scared or oppressed women this is the reality of their lives:

Islam has given the most liberty and right for women if we read more:

The point is not about evidences but it’s about the courage to speak up about such issues:

How about men start to accept that they are emotionally insensitive towards such issues? Things will be a lot more easier”:

Even if , for instance Meesha is wrong we can’t ignore the fact that such things happen to most of our female counterparts be it our mothers, sisters or even acquaintances. Why can’t we stand up for their rights for once so the future generations have this sense of responsibility? We should be evaluating ourselves rather than questioning others including females.


Isra Shams

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