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Breaking! Monster forces ready to attack Pakistan

Breaking! Monsters forces ready to attack Pakistan

It seems that after India succeeded in carrying out the so-called surgical strikes in Pakistan, everybody else is gearing up to come clean on this country. Pakistan is not safe and this time it is under-attack of monstrous giants which are going to eat up the population, Nom Nom Nom.

You know we are serious and this Godzilla thing has finally come to Pakistan by the creative juices of Blah’s team”. Here are the pictures that the designers at Blah dedicated to Halloween this season. Have fun!


When We Used To Die For A Dive In “Lake Saif-ul-Malook”. Good Old Days! Caution, Loch Ness Monster is Waiting now!


Yes Islamabad and Insafians! You need to see him before the sit-in, he is going to eat all of you before you succeed in bringing about a change in Pakistan.


Yes Lahore, beware of the wrath of the angry King Kong!


For all those who had made Paradise Point, a lover’s point; Kraken is pissed off due to your ‘101 relationship talks’.


For all those who watched Godzilla in 3D, it is now time to watch the real Godzilla coming from three sides destroying the landmark I.I Chundrigar road.

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