A mother who killed her child!

A mother who killed her child!

This blog is totally based on my personal opinion and not on any specific issue or agenda. After a long tiring day at work, I don’t even get time to watch TV, as the only motive after getting home is to give some time to my family or to have some Me-time.

If by luck I get time to watch TV or news, to get updated from around the world, I actually get frustrated instead. Recently, I came across a news headline which said: “A mother killed her child”. Seriously? I get disturb whenever I think about this. I mean how can a mother kill her own baby?

A baby she kept 9 months in her womb. A baby whose smile is all she wants at the end of the day. A baby, for whom she can fight with the world. How can she gather so much courage to kill them? But the question which always leaves me blank is what could be the reason which makes a mother kill her own child. Poverty? But a mother can herself live without food but she feeds her child. Mental disorder? Even after having mental disorder, a mother can recall her child anyway. Then why news channels emphasize on proving a mother victim instead of finding out the real reason which made them do so. I appeal to all of them who are reading this post, If you see anyone suffering from any financial problem, go and help them as much as you can.

You might become the reason of someone’s life. If you earn more than your need, then donate something to the needy ones. This is one of the ways we can help our country to fight poverty and I wish that one day there will no headline on the news channel as “A mother killed her child.”


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