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Movies to look out for in fall! 

Fall is fully jam-packed with brilliant movies in these upcoming months. Let’s have a look what’s in store for us!

1. It chapter two (Sept, 6)

Pennywise is coming back again to haunt Bill and his friends after he lived in the gutters for 27 years. We have seen in the first part that Pennywise took George, Bill’s brother and Bill and his friends all faced the clown and promised that if he ever comes back then they all will too and now, after 27 years, guess what, Pennywise is back. Now they are going to face him once again. 

2. The Goldfinch (Sept, 13)

The Goldfinch is based on a novel by Donna Tartt. The novel came out in 2013 and it was a best seller. A story of a 13 year old boy whose mother got killed in a bombing inside a museum in New York. Further, the film is directed by John Crowley and Nicole Kidman, Finn wolfhard and Ansel Elgort will be seen in the film. 

3. Downton Abbey (Sept, 20)

This drama movie is set in the 20th century. The Crawley family is back. The movie is based on the TV show by the same name. Moreover, the year is 1927, a few years apart from the show finale. In the film we will see the new guests, George V and Queen Mary. 

4. Ad Astra (Sept, 20) 

A story of an astronaut who goes into outer space to find his missing father. The character of an astronaut is played by Brad Pitt. Another reason for his journey to space is to find out what is threatening the earth. 

5. Joker (Oct, 4)

From Heath Ledger to Joaquin Phoenix, Joker has come a long way. Although this DC character is going to be very different than the rest of the characters because it will not be a usual superhero film. Arthur Fleck is a comedian. As the society disregard him, he becomes a criminal mastermind. 

6. Dolemite is my name! (Oct, 4)

A comedian, Rudy Ray Moore whose legendary rap music influenced many people. The role is played by Eddie Murphy, one of America’s loudest voices. Rudy ray moore in the film, creates an alter ego, Dolemite. 

7. The Irishman (Nov, 1)

Directed by Martin Scorsese, The story is about a character Frank Sheeran (Robert De Niro) who recounts all the murders he has committed in the name of Buffalo crime family, worked for mob boss Russell Buffalo (Joe Pesci). As he claims to murder Jimmy Hoffa (Al Pacino). The film was adapted from ‘I heard you paint houses’ by Charles Brandt. 

8. Paradise Hills (Nov, 1)

The main role is played by Emma Roberts, who we have already seen in American horror story, Scream 4. As she finds herself in a facility which makes a perfect women with their strict physical and emotional supervision. However, as the secrets get darker, the women must escape and save themselves. 

9. Doctor sleep (Nov, 8)

The Shining was one of the greatest novel by Stephen King and the film by the same name became popular. As in The Shining, we saw young Danny who lived in the hotel with his caretaker parents and as everything went down the road. Now in Doctor Sleep, we will get to see Danny after all these years as his supernatural powers will return, he will fight with a new villain.

10. Last Christmas (Nov, 8)

Certainly, christmas movies are the sweetest. Even someone who does not celebrate Christmas, the movies still gives us the holiday vibes and warmth. Emilia Clarke will be seen in this film, as she will try to find work and a purpose in her life. She will be seen opposite Henry Golding, from Crazy Rich Asians. 


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