Nail Color Trends to Try Right Now


What are the latest color trends? Here are the seven biggest nail-color trends to rock right now.

  1. Dark glittery navy.


    Navy isn’t new but this year it’s getting an update. Blue is taken as a risky color to pull off, but sparkly navy blue just screams sophisticated winter wonderland. Luckily tons of brands are coming out with navy and glitter hues, with different textures. It is best worn on short, square nails to keep you looking sharp. This color would even look amazing with a matte topcoat, to draw out the sparkles.

  2. Warm, opaque beige.


    This year is all about the sexy, creamy ‘70s beige. It should be totally opaque, warm in tone, and shiny. Wear this color on trim, natural-shaped nails.

  3. Charcoal gray.


    It’s deep, moody and thoroughly modern. We’re predicting that this hue will be huge this summer. Dark grey wears beautifully on rounded nails.

  4. Classic apple red.


    A classic nail is always going to be a nail-color staple, no matter what season we’re in. this shade of red will look great no matter your nail length. It will look chic and professional on short, natural shaped nails, or it can feel sexy and playful if you paint it on longer, almond shaped nails.

  5. Metallic silver.


    It’s safe to say that metallic are about to have their moment with the rest of us. We have plenty of options as nearly every brand has released a version from simple metallic to shimmery glitter. Just keep your nails short and natural if you’re planning to apply this color.

  6. Seafoam green.


    I personally love this color. Just because its summers doesn’t mean you have to stick to only dark colors. Subtle seafoam green wears beautifully on just about any nail shape, from trim and natural to Kylie Jenner- esque squared off stiletto nails.

  7. Nail art topcoats.


    Mixed-media nail glitter is back in a big way. It features different sizes, shapes, textures and even colors. Nail art topcoats are the perfect way to achieve this. It’s a great way to extend the life of a dull or chipping manicure. There are no rules with this one, they are great for any nail shape.


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