The never ending generation gap

The never ending generation gap

The difference or gap between this generation and the previous one is massive. No matter who says what our generation is by far the worst that has come yet except for the one after us. I say this because even though we may me more technologically advanced and what not, most of us are soft sensitive and entitled. Im making this statement because I have seen it personally, our generation is less willing to compromise, to make the kind of decisions our fathers generation was willing to make.

Now I am not saying that the generation before us did not have their flaws , they did and so do we, its just that they are better at managing their flaws but there is this barrier of communication & understanding between us and I believe that this is one of the reasons for this, so called generation gap. Even though this generation by that I mean our generation has more potential we have a tendency not to live up to it, whereas the one before us lived up to more than it’s potential. The only way this gap can be lessened or closed is if we try to understand where they are coming from and vice versa.

We use technology as a crutch, we have luxuries that the generation before is did not have.

Now we have our advantages we are more adaptable then they were, we are better at things which requires spontaneous behavior. that being said my point is that both the generations have to work out their differences and try to live in a manner which is suitable and beneficial to both of them.


Uneeb Khan Yousufzai

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