The new faces for Lux – Revealed at the LSA 2017

The new faces for Lux - Revealed at the LSA 2017

Lux has been in the market since the early 19th century. If we look at the history, Lux has evolved so much in all the years but there is one thing which has always been the same; and that is the celebrity endorsements. Lux has been endorsed by almost 50 of the leading lady stars.

Some of them were, Baabra Sharif, Neeli, Reema, Meera, Humaima Malik, Mehwish Hayat, Aaminah Shaikh, Imaan Ali and Mahira Khan. We have seen all of these faces in the past years and they all proved to be the perfect face of Lux.

After 15 glorious years of celebrating film, fashion, television and music; Lux Style Awards 2017 was a glamorous evening where the leading stars came together under one roof for a night filled with glamour, energy and entertainment.

The event was full of entertainment and performances along with that Lux introduced two new faces, Mawra Hocane and Maya Ali as the new brand ambassador of Lux. They both are famous and powerful faces. These new faces were announced in LSA 2017 which is going to be on aired on 19th May, 2017.

The new faces for Lux - Revealed at the LSA 2017 The new faces for Lux - Revealed at the LSA 2017

Mawra set the stage on fire paving the way for a heartfelt appearance by the original diva and former Lux girl Reema while the mystery girl; Maya Ali unveiled her magical performance “Ishq” that swept the audience off their feet and left them longing for more.

The last three names selected by Lux are starting from the alphabet ‘M’; Mahira, Mawra and Maya. Do you think Lux is obsessed with alphabet M or are they following their “Mystery” trend?

Well, whatever it is, we all are excited and can’t wait to see these two new faces shine on screen.


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