‘Nirma is the kind of girl who will leave anyone for 50 crores,’ says Iqra Aziz


Iqra Aziz has been in the news for the past few weeks; at first her wedding with Yasir Hussain was trending on social media but later the first teaser of Iqra’s upcoming play Jhooti released, sparking debates over her character and the story line. While much has been said and written about the drama,

The teasers show that the female protagonist Nirma (played by Iqra) is a compulsive liar who doesn’t want to marry a ‘parchoonwala’ i.e. shopkeeper (played by Ahmed Ali Butt), who’s in love with her. We asked her why she opted to play a liar?

“It was interesting because everyone lies a little, but this girl is a compulsive liar, in fact a selfish one. She will get what she desires no matter what she had to do to achieve it; she will lie, fight, argue or defy but won’t budge,” Iqra said.

Iqra Aziz

“She lies to her family and other relationships in her life and it’s basically for money,” she added which draws us to the question. Does it have any similarity with Meray Paas Tum Ho (MPTH) ?

“No, not at all. The story is different but yes, Nirma is the kind of girl who will leave anyone for 50 crores,” Iqra laughing replied adding, “MPTH has a love angle, but my character has no room for love or relationships in her life, be it her parents or a lover. All she wants is more money to upgrade her financial status.”

Iqra was all praises when asked about working with Ahmed and her husband, Yasir for the first time in a play.

“Ahmed Ali Butt is so sweet and cute off screen and even his character is very cute in the play, so we have developed a very good chemistry when we perform. As far as Yasir is concerned, it felt different to work with him as I realized that I’m working with someone with whom I share a personal bond and chemistry as well. It was a new experience to balance both between action and cut,” she said.




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