Now workout at home following these simple tips

Now workout at home following these simple tips

By: Irza Haque

How many of you people do not work out because you make excuses such as:

  1. Omg it’s too costly!!
  2. Classes L Literally no time available.
  3. I have been told by my parents that gym is not a sober place to go…

Well nothing can stop you from working out if you have the will power to do so! Not being able to go to gym seems like a legitimate reason but how about if I tell you to create a gym at your home in literally the cheapest way possible? YES, these easy tips and tricks can make your booty bum and stomach flat!!Read on and lead on…

Don’t have a dumbbell? No problem! Take a plastic bottle and fill it with water or sand and your dumb bell’s ready! One thing to keep in mind is, if you’re a beginner, start it off with filling water, only! Then fill it with sand and when you become a pro at it, fill it with sand AND water both! This one tip can change the entire game since dumbbells has become one of the greatest requirements of workout today. Squat by using a dumbbell and you are good to go!

Another important workout routine carried out by Khloe Kardashian who literally changed her way of life told about one golden exercise that could help you stay in shape. She used a bosu ball but also gave an alternative. Take two towels and neatly fold it. Try making it as small as possible in size. It should look like you have stacked it up. Stand on it for around 30 seconds thrice taking 15 seconds break in between. And here, exercise done!

Moreover, this last tip that is about to get revealed will take your heart away! You do not have to do anything if you have a bag of rice at home. The bulkier you aim to be, the heavier the bag should be. Now what to do? Simply lie on the floor, knees bent placing the bag on your stomach. Keep your arms straight and core tight. Rise from the hip and remain in the same position for around 3 seconds and come down without touching the floor and then do another rep. Do it thrice, 20 times!

Now do you have any excuse to make?


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