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Sorry Everyone! Nutella is being pulled out from the markets

The most popular hazelnut spread Nutella is one thing that adults and children both die for. By and large, it has ruled the desert and confectionery market around the world for the chocolicious heaven it offers to cocoa lovers. However, after the rising claims that one of its ingredients – palm oil – is a major cause of cancer, famous stores around the world are pulling off Nutella from their sales list.

Although the European Food Safety Authority report deemed the spread as dangerous and hazardous for health about eight months ago, the panic has now started budding among the Nutella sellers around the world. As per a BBC report, Italy’s largest store Coop has already banned the product.

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Ferraro, the maker of Nutella, has fought back to the claims, stating that Palm Oil can produce cancer cells only when it is heated above 200°C (392°F). It has alleged that the chocolate spread’s industrial manufacturing process doesn’t reach the mentioned temperature, affirming that this product is safe to eat.

While major stores in Italy and UK have started to take an action against the spread, most of the big chains in the US are still refraining from an action. It remains to be seen if this case will be headed to the complete ban or everyone will forget this after a while.

Meanwhile, the makers of Nutella have pushed back to the claims of their product being cancer causing.

Here is the complete video:

So, everyone, I will let you decide if you want this eye-opening report to stop you from consuming every chocaholic’s food divine or not?!

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