Oh this truck art thou!


Truck art has been very popular form of indigenous art in Pakistan, featuring floral patterns and poetic calligraphy. Whoever started painting trucks this artistically, never would have imagined that one day this creativity will take over the fashion world.


In 2015, a very famous Italian brand “D&G” toured Milan since mid-May 2015 in a ‘Beauty-on-the-go’ rickshaw painted with crazy truck art to promote their new cosmetic collection. Keeping this in mind they came up with their Spring/Summer Collection, “Sizzling Carretto Siciliano”. Though, the collection hasn’t been named on a truck art but it has been incorporated with the Italian island’s folk heritage.

Summer appropriate looks ranging from tunics to maxi dresses and crop tops passing by the quintessential summer staples; swimwear and oversize sunglasses are emblazoned with patterns representing the wheels of the carretto as well as the highly colourful baroque scrolls which are ubiquitous on the body of the carts.

dolce-gabbana-summer-2016-women-carretto-collection-printed-dress-and-accessories-01-1600x1600   dolce-gabbana-summer-2016-women-carretto-collection-printed-dress-and-accessories-02

dolce-gabbana-summer-2016-women-carretto-collection-printed-dress-and-accessories-03-1600x1600   dolce-gabbana-summer-2016-women-carretto-collection-printed-dress-and-accessories-04-1600x1600 dolce-gabbana-summer-2016-women-carretto-collection-printed-dress-and-accessories-05-1600x1600

Appreciation to D&G by taking the truck art as an inspiration for the collection and making it look stunningly beautiful for the perfect summer. From dresses to shoes to the accessories, D&G has created all and seems like it’s a must have for everyone this summer.

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