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Osama Tahir shares what’s in store for his YouTube channel

Osama Tahir is the next celebrity to launch his on YouTube channel.

According to the actor, it’s going to be very different from the usual vlogging and “Super interesting and entertaining things are on the way.”

Team Images got in touch with the Ruswai actor to know more about what’s to come.

“So I’ve been wanting to start my YouTube for a while,” said Tahir. “But I didn’t want to blog about my daily life or just talk about my work -my life isn’t that exciting and ask any actor, #setlife is boring – so what I needed was a show, something episodic, something that is creative and engaging.”

“The aha! moment happened when a person on my Instagram live feed suggested I should do a game show. And it all made so much sense that, it should be a show and a game and live!”

He went on to say, “Literally within 2 hours this unrefined game called Sketch Live was created. The first episode is up very soon the winner episode will be up too. And the second episode will be recorded this week. ”

The first episode, that came out around last week, got people’s attention as according to Tahir, “Simultaneously, many other film makers/creatives were coming up with ideas on what we should create that requires minimum production time but maximum entertainment because Covid-19. ”

He revealed that “Along with Sketch Live there are two shows which will be uploaded in the coming weeks… Everything is episodic and primarily not scripted.”

The plan for the channel is “To be creative, engaging and almost unconventional TV.”

For now, Tahir is “Working on a few concepts, in the writing phase, a pilot has been made as well (one that’s more for a mature audience)”

Many celebrities have launched their own YouTube channels, with quite a few such as Ayesha Omar, Iqra Aziz and Junaid Khan keeping the vlogger style and some like Saba Qamar creating unique content. Let’s see what Osama Tahir has in store for us!

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