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Pakistan beats India with landslide margin on happiness index

Pakistan has outshined its eastern neighbor India on the World Happiness index this year, with a distinction among its neighbors as well.

Pakistan was ranked at number 67th in the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network’s annual World Happiness Report, which ranked 156 countries.

The ranking is based on six indicators: income per capita, life expectancy, social support, freedom, generosity and corruption; Pakistan jumped eight spots from last year’s ranking at 75 and even defeated its neighbors with a landslide margin.

On the other hand, India is placed at 140 as it lost seven spots than last year. China is at 93, Iran at 117, Iraq at 126 and Afghanistan at 154 while Bangladesh is ranked 125.

Pakistan is among the top 20 gainers on the index, along with Philippines, and countries from Europe, Africa and Latin America.

India is among the 20 largest losers with Malaysia, Venezuela and Ukraine as well, besides others.

Finland topped the list for the second year in a row, tailed by Denmark, Norway and Iceland, respectively. On the contrary, South Sudan ranked the least happy on the list.

The report also highlights the percentage of respondents in different countries which donate to charity or do volunteer work over the past month. In Pakistan, around 32.8 per cent of respondents reported donating to a charity, while 14.2pc reported volunteering within the 30-day period.

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