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Pakistani film ‘100 Crore’ unveils first look and we can’t get over it!

Oriental Films’ up and coming project’s, 100 Crore, first look has been revealed and Sanam Chaudhry paired with Haasan Noor sizzle the screen with their chemistry. The first shot of the duo will definitely left you wanting for more.

Directed by Shoaib Khan, produced by Khurram Riaz and written by Babar Kashmiri; the film also features Sana Fakhar, Ismail Tara, Inayat Khan, Javed Sheikh, Reyhana Malhotra, along with many other actors who will have surprise appearances throughout the film.

Pakistani film '100 Crore' unveils first look and we can't get over it!
Caught and Locked! Javed Sheikh seem to enjoy the company of so many ladies.

Shoaib Khan, while describing about ‘100 Crore’ excitedly stated;

 “100 Crore is a comedy thriller and has a bunch of characters, interlinked to each other, who are all running after this lottery ticket. The entire film is one fun-filled ride which takes the characters places as they try to get their hands on the ticket. It will be enjoyed by audiences of all age groups.”

The entire cast and crew has come back from Phuket, Thailand after the first phase of shooting, the second phase is slated to begin in Lahore, soon. The film is expected to release by March, 2017.


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