Pakistani-American star to debut in Hollywood Rom-Com

Pakistani-American star to debut in Hollywood Rom-Com

Kumail Nanjiani opened his eyes in Pakistan, but has now paved his way to the allies of Hollywood by debuting in a Rom-Com movie. Making his way through extremist Trump’s America, Nanjiani is all set to hit the cinemas on June 23 with his up and coming movie ‘The Big Sick’.

The movie revolves around the story of a 39-year-old comedian who meets an American girl, Emily Gordon, and fall in love with her leading to marriage. The story follows how Najiani’s strict parents are adamant on arrange marriage, while he has already lost his heart to Emily. There is a long way to go, but we won’t spoil this exciting movie for you.

The Big Sick has been written by Nanjiani and Gordon, and was fortunately shot long before Trump made his way to the White House.

The movie certainly challenges Trump’s policy and thinking of banning Muslims, as it exactly portrays the opposite at how Muslims are as normal as Americans.

“Obviously it would be great if our movie came out and people didn t see it as a political statement because it really isn’t. It is just a love story and a comedy,” Nanjiani stated to Variety at the Los Angeles premiere.

The Big Sick initially premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, ironically on the day of Trump’s inauguration.


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