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This Pakistani policeman’s selfie is winning hearts across the border

At the time when hatred is blooming between Indian and Pakistan over several issues, this Pakistani policeman has provided all with a common ground to be proud of.

Pakistan released 218 Indian fisherman yesterday, 06-01-2017, which crossed the border mistakenly yet illegally. This is quite a routine for both countries, as fishermen keep on losing their track due to unruly sea and harsh weather. However, what made this release unique this time was Pakistani policeman’s warm heart and a kindly gesture while bidding farewell to the Indian captives.

Within no time, this policeman has become an internet sensation and has taken the social media by storm. As the fishermen were released for India from Lahore via the Cantonment railway station Karachi, a policeman took a selfie, with several fishermen waving hands behind him. What’s more is that he bid adieu to the fishermen in the most heartwarming way with all the best wishes.

Not only were these fishermen treated nicely but, as per Edhi officials, they were given Rs. 500 and gifts before their journey to Lahore.

Here are the affluent people from across the border who appreciated this gesture:

There is no doubt that such little acts of kindness and warm gestures rule the hearts of people. To some what may seem like a mere selfie, is basically a door towards friendship, unity and prosperity of the region. 

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