Pakistan’s film and drama industry reviving in a post-pandemic world.


During the pandemic lockdown around the world, many sectors and industries including film and drama had to experience great financial loss.

With the country currently in lockdown, trying to counter the threat of a mass outbreak of the coronavirus, every industry is at a standstill, including the TV industry.

Now, as we all can see that the vaccines are here and it has been few months since the decision of lockdown has been taken back and has shifted towards a partial lockdown with rules of following standard operating procedures (SOPs) and social distancing according to the guidelines of World Health Organization (WHO).

The Pakistani Film and Drama industry is now coping up and reviving in this post-pandemic world after the pandemic havoc.


There are lessons to be learnt from every crisis and if anything, the coronavirus pandemic and the havoc it has wreaked, has taught us the value of time, discipline and measured planning. 


Isra Shams

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