This is the most pathetic and worst case of SEXISM ever!

Sexism is deep-rooted in the very foundations of the societies around the world. No matter how progressive you become or how powerful the slogans of empowerment you shout, there is still male chauvinism and third-degree sexism encrusted into the core of our mentalities. And the recent case of Amal Clooney’s speech in UN on Iraq genocide tops the eye-opening cases.

The prominent human rights lawyer Amal Clooney during the recent session of a UN meeting in New York went on to discuss the extent of ISIS genocide, and how world leaders have totally given a deaf ear to the situation. Being the woman she is, Mrs. Clooney has left no arena to be vocal about the issues she want to work on. But, like always, she was considered as the petty definition of an “elite” woman and not a lady who has proved her mettle through deeds and words.

The wife of actor George Clooney is six months pregnant, but her baby bump has never become a hindrance along the path of her defiance for the victims of ISIS rapes and kidnappings.

However, what’s shocking about her UN speech is that instead of focusing on the deep insight she had to offer on the recent mass injustice being committed on the people across Iran and Iraq, all what newspaper could focus on was her heels on that baby bump!

This is what the most prominent Newspaper, “THE MIRROR”, had to say:

This is the most pathetic and worst case of SEXISM ever!
 And, these are the words of the world-known “Daily Mail”:
This is the most pathetic and worst case of SEXISM ever!
Now comes “The Sun’s” turn:
This is the most pathetic and worst case of SEXISM ever!

This is the sad reality of the most progressive country of the world. These world-class newspapers, which claim to stand on the rules of ethical journalism just reported how her baby bump was the highlight of the evening and Mail even went on to give her some maternal advice; Don’t wear six-inch heels in pregnancy!

It’s sad, no worse! The topic that she discussed is the most trending and important genocidal issue to be pondered upon, however all we can point on is that she is a lady and a wife of famous actor. So, all the men out there; she’s gonna proudly flaunt that baby bump and shout in the UN meetings because she is the lady with a class and might. Stop judging her worth for how she looks right now!

What’s the opposite of what a time to be alive? 


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