PIA aircraft couldn’t have looked better. You will be surprised!

Pakistan International Airlines is the first airline to fly Boeing 747, the biggest and luxurious plane of its time with a capacity for carrying 500 passengers.

All 747 planes used by the PIA for a quarter of a century have now been grounded.

According to sources, just recently PIA has grounded one of it’s aircraft (747) which has been turned into a beautiful dining hall by the Airport Security Force (ASF), giving it a look of a spacious, high-end restaurant.

The space was given to the ASF by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) free of cost, which was turned into a park by the ASF.

The grounded 747 AP-BFV was also given by the PIA to the ASF free of cost.

The spacious upper deck of the Boeing 747 has been equipped with simple yet beautiful furniture i.e tables, chairs and comfortable sofas.

However, from the cockpit, one can see the scenic view of the park, where the plane is parked – near the ASF headquarters at the Karachi airport.


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