Sounds of Kolachi officially launches the debut album ‘Elhaam’

The PR agency Keys Production held the press launch of Sounds of Kolachi’s debut album “Elhaam” at Mcdonald’s Seaview. Ahsan Bari formed the Sound of Kolachi which is a musical ensemble in 2014. While talking about the band, it is a mixture of both Sufi and rock sounds, genres, instruments and cultural diversities.

While talking to the media, Bari said:

“Elhaam is the initiation of a new musical movement in Pakistan. It’s a step forward for musicians and artists who’ve always wanted to do what they love because we did only what we love while making the songs regardless of whether or not they’d be a hit.

“This album consists of 8 songs and every song is a powerful blend of nostalgic sounds with fresh, progressive elements.”

It was a meet and greet session with the band and celebrities along with album signing and distribution. The event had many celebrities and musicians like Bilal Maqsood, Faraz Anwar, Sara Haider, Zoe Viccaji, Faisal Rafi, Abbas Ali Khan, Ahad Nayani, Ali Gul Pir, Anoushey Ashraf, Ayeza Khan, Ahmed Ali Godil.

Here are some of the pictures from the event:

17349234_10209122225437966_567045732_o 17379891_10209122225397965_1006244233_o (1) 17379891_10209122225397965_1006244233_o 17379990_10209122225557969_1817512227_oThe event came to an end with the performance of Sounds of Kolachi.


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