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Prince William Urges Londoners to Help the Homeless!

Prince William has taken it upon himself to share an important message during the coronavirus pandemic which has seen many parts of the world go into lockdown.

The Duke of Cambridge urged Londoners to help the homeless during the time of COVID-19. Prince William is a patron of homeless charity The Passage, and this is an issue close to his heart.

Speaking to charity CEO Mick Clarke, the British Royal called the situation “life and death” while issuing an impassioned plea for rough sleepers. “We are in a life and death fight to help those people living on the streets in this public health emergency,” Prince William said on the issue.

Speaking on the conversation, Clarke said,”We had 20-minute conservation and he recognised that is a public health emergency for those who are on the streets and in shelters. So it was good to tell him that everyone in the voluntary sector but also local and central government is doing everything that they can to try and get people off the streets and into places of safety.”

He continued, “We don’t want to get 80 per cent of people off the streets only to return them when this crisis is over. The duke was very keen for us to explore ways to avoid that happening.”

Maybe we as a nation need to take a leaf out of Prince William’s book.

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