Priyanka Chopra reveals her present relationship status

Priyanka Chopra reveals her present relationship status

Priyanka Chopra in her recent interview spilled the beans on her present and current relationship status. Talking to a US based fashion magazine, Priyanka revealed that her thoughts on her relationship status and general life.

When she was asked about relationships and commitments, Priyanka replied thoughtfully, “I feel like something should be mine, so I protect myself.”

Going deep into her answer, Priyanka added that relationships for her at this point in time would not be a good step and so life would become complicated. “Not that I have not been in relationships. I have very much. Right now, I guess I’m in a place where it’s complicated. Thanks. Facebook.”

She added, “I’m young enough to be okay. To say that I don’t need roots. I want to free fall at the moment. But I’m also old enough to want roots as well. So I’m at that place. Which is hard.”

Whenever and wherever Priyanka finds her Mr. Perfect, we wish her the best of luck, till then let’s just enjoy her outstanding roles and performances!


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