Janaan Came, Janaan Conquered And Janaan Created Future Superstars

trio-1Since the promotions of Janaan started, I have waited to witness the movie by myself on a bigger screen so that I could give out my final verdict. Luckily, Pakistani Film Industry is one of the hottest agenda this year due to back to back hit movies of ours ruling the cinemas. Janaan being the most anticipated movie has simply proved to stand in a line of films who have achieved their goals by proving themselves as a masterpiece. I have been writing quite a lot about this movie lately, but now when the actual moment has arrived I am out words and thinking from where to start. Without further a do, let me take you down the lane where you will fall in love and would want to celebrate life.I will certainly not reveal the story because I want you all to go and watch this movie ASAP. It’s a rom-com which will take you on a emotional roller-coster ride where every single scene is captivating enough to keep you glued to your seats.


We all know how we think about Pakhtoons, super conservative and not-so-modern people with lack of acceptance. But, the way Pakhtoon culture and heritage has been portrayed in the movie, they are super normal people holding onto their roots, morals and values along with the higher acceptance level. The locations that have been chosen are so breath-taking that you don’t need no foreign country anymore to go make a good movie.


There are chances of people calling it an over-rated film because of the family bonding, misunderstandings, politics et al but, the way things have been connected together are simply beautiful. The cast and characters were wisely chosen for the deliverance of a perfect movie. From a soft spoken not-so-desi girl Meena (Armeena) to a flirtatious yet kind-hearted Daniyal (Ali Rehman) Khan and a pure-hearted angry young man Asfandyar (Bilal Ashraf) and crack-pot soon-to-be married couple from the film, Palwashay and Sameer (Haniya Amir and Usman Mukhtar) along with the supporting cast has done a good job.

img_6655The consolidation of social issue in the film about child abuse was certainly a point where I actually started getting emotional. What a terrific way to tell everyone what children go through when monsters are around. I would love to point out the fact that the selection of veteran actors was perfect enough to enhance the beauty of their characters. 10/10 for Mr. Ajab Gul for being such an amazing actor and giving commendable screen presence.


Accepting the fact that it was not-so-star studded cast but people we are some really amazing future superstars now. Ali Rehman Khan with such an amazing screen presence, is truly an actor who knows how to charm the audience and the “Bros before ho… nay wale bhabhi totally stole the show. It’s not just him but we have Hania Amir, the cute and the quirky ladies and gentleman, THE NEXT BIG THING. 

We certainly wish to see her again in some movie real soon. Usman Mukhtar has charmed quite a lot of people by being the simply shy Punjabi munda, kudos to the boy. The on-screen chemistry of Bilal Ashraf and Armeena Rana Khan was magical, the arguments the love in their eyes gave out major relationships goals for us all.


I would also love to mention here about the team who worked day and night to make this film a success. The producers, director, technical staff every single person gets an ovation from my side for being so amazing. Well for now I will certainly not give any spoilers alert about all the twists and turns of the film because I want you all to celebrate life this Eid with Janaan.

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