Project Ghazi, billed as Pakistan’s first superhero film for all the wrong reasons

project ghazi humayun saeed

Pakistan’s first superhero film Project Ghazi has been in the news ever since the project was announced last year. Project Ghazi is an action movie that begins with a masked man, who seems to threaten to expose the reality of human nature and how we have been lying to ourselves since the inception of time.

The film that was set to release today was postponed right after its premier that became a nightmare for all of us.The film is incomplete, there are a lot of editing issues it’s more like a T.V commercial rather than a film because they have been advertising the brands in every scene.

“This kind of film needs a lot of editing and post work. When I saw the movie, it was obvious that it was incomplete. There were issues with the sound and the sync was off. Usually I take care of most of the work in my own films and we make sure that the cast and crew can see the film before its release so that if there is an issue, we resolve it. With Project Ghazi, these people [the production team] didn’t have have time and were under a lot of pressure due to the summer release demand. They had to have it ready by July and the producer is a new person so I guess they took way too much pressure and rushed it,” said Hamayun Saeed.

What we can expect from the audience when cast themselves left the cinema in the middle of the movie. Maybe they were ashamed because the film was incomplete.

At this point though Syra looked beautiful in the movie but what is the point of showing her beauty when the movie is not complete yet?

The question is why did they release the movie when they already knew that it is incomplete?

With its trailer unable to impress the critics and being an epic fail, we doubt if Project Ghazi will be able to convince cinema-goers to watch it.

Watch the trailer here;


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