PTI seeks ban on the use of word ‘Talaq’ in Pakistani Tv dramas.

Malik Taimoor, a Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)  from Rawalpindi has submitted a resolution in the Punjab Assembly seeking ban on the use of word ‘ Talaq’ in Pakistani dramas.

The MPA and his supporters believe that constant use of this word over the television can create a negative impact on the viewers and even this word or practice is disliked in Islam. They want to ban the use of this word and urge PEMRA to take a notice of the issue by controlling the content which is aired.

On the other hand, the resolution does not suggest what other word production houses can use in place of talaaq in case the script at hand requires so.

Earlier in 2016, Taimoor Masood had submitted a similar resolution in the Punjab Assembly calling for a ban on the famous Japanese anime series Doraemon.

Masood had urged the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) to impose a ban on Doraemon or limit its airtime as it contains explicit content which inappropriate for children.

According to the legislator, 24-hour cartoon channels had an adverse effect on the educational and physical growth of children and claimed that the language used in cartoons was against the societal norms.


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