How to pull off a messy hairstyle!

Messy hair? Don’t care! Messy hair are a new trend these days but problem remains the same..umm but wait where is the problem cause we don’t see any! Length and type of hair short or long, straight or curly, thick and flexible or fine and wispy all will look great with our pro tips! You see any problem anymore? And yes you’re welcome for it! 😉

  • Long hair? Try loose mussed messy bun and let some of your strands fall.
  • Short hair? Get them layered. It gives pretty feminine look and let them look the way they do naturally. Short hair rock that way!
  • Straight hair? Get a half messy bun and let your rest hair fall loose. What more a straight hair girl wants? Look trendy and get your hair tied too. 😉
  • Curly? Get your curls tangled in a messy braid. Never fails.
  • Thick hair? You’re blessed then. Make use of them by tying them in thick trendy braids or locks. Locks looks THE BEST in thick hair!
  • Too flexible and wispy? Enough to create a whole mess on your face? Let them flaunt themselves then 😉 In case you want to tie them then try securing french braids, fish tails, braided messy pony tail or something of the sort to stay care free.



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