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Here is why Qandeel Baloch was a better Muslim than any of us!

Qandeel Baloch’s murder was one thing which will remain imprinted in the minds of Pakistanis, from generations to generations. Her unfortunate death became the most talked about topic in the masses.

While, majority of the people took her as a disgrace to society, a black mark on Islam and rejoiced her death; there are many who still advocate that nothing and no one can justify killing in the name of “honour”. Was that honour, greed, or the lust for money remains to be found and would remain the same, forever!

But, there are certain things which make Qandeel Baloch a better Muslim than any of us! This statement may cause me the wrath of moral police, but, yes she was a better Muslim than most of us and here is why;


Qandeel, just before being murdered, stood for women rights. In one of the final Facebook posts of her life, she firmly stated that women should stand together for each other to get justice and their fair share of rights.

Qandeel might have been outlandish to our society’s and religion’s standards, but, she had every right to voice out her opinions. She was more blunt than any of the Pakistani could ever think of being, but she stood for a just social atmosphere in this country.

As she, herself, states “I believe in equality,” and women should not let others brand themselves “just for the sake of society.” She wanted to “fight for what’s right”. But, Alas! We dimmed her voice to give power to those who will remain the heinous vultures finding prey, in order, to thrive.


What most of us forget to associate with Qandeel is the atrocities she had to bear, the misfortune she had to go through and the pain that life inflicted on her. Those who, so easily, label her slang words forget that there might be something that triggered the series of events; that later on happened with her life.

Here is why Qandeel Baloch was a better Muslim than any of us!

Have you ever stopped to think that she was forced to marry as per family’s choice, just at the age of 17. Her husband was abusive and also took her child by force, when she couldn’t bear to tolerate him anymore.

After going through the hell and back, she still stood for her rights and left her abusive husband. She still didn’t lose her ties with the family and kept on supporting them financially. She paid for her sister’s wedding and dowry, bought a house for her parents in Multan and got her parents settled.

You still think that she is any less of an honourable person than you are? One can never know what is in the hearts as it is Allah and Allah only ,who knows each and everything.


Virtue doesn’t come with what you work, modesty doesn’t come with what you wear, and no one can know who is more pure than the other. Qandeel had more virtue than we can ever surmise.

She displayed her exemplary character by giving attention to those who ridiculed her and gave more independence to continue doing so.

Even after reading this, you still think that Qandeel should have been killed the way she was; I don’t know what will convince you. It is ALLAH only who knows situation of the hearts and He is the one who decides, if one is worthy of being forgiven or not. May she rest in peace. Ameen.

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