Queen Elizabeth is worried about Prince Harry’s recent behavior, here’s why!


Meghan Markle is quite often than not under media scrutiny for her ‘unusual for royals’ past, however it is reported that Queen Elizabeth likes her for more than a few reasons and does not pay heed to media gossip. But recently, Prince Harry’s actions haven’t gone down well with the Queen and she has surely some eyebrows raised.

It is suggested that Harry’s recent behavior has gotten the Queen to think whether the Prince is too much under the influence of his opinionated and unorthodox wife. And the Queen is surely unhappy with her grandson.

“Harry is behaving in an immature way and letting his personal animosity take over from his natural good manners. You have to think Meghan is influencing him behind the scenes and this could be dangerous,” said a Royal journalist.

The issues that have come under Queen’s attention include Harry and Meghan’s moving out of Buckingham palace and settling in Frogmore Cottage; and secondly the Duke and Duchess of Sussex splitting from William and Kate’s joint charity ‘Royal Foundation’.

And if that was not enough, Harry has been further complicating things for the Queen.

Harry was also absent from banquet the Queen hosted for US President Donald Trump. Speculation is that Harry opted out of the event due to Trump’s past remarks about Meghan and referring to her as ‘nasty’.

Furthermore the Duke and Duchess of Sussex also displeased the press and some fans by keeping the birth of their baby private and then sharing false information about his time and place of birth.

All this has come after Harry got married to Meghan who is known as an unconventional Royal and wishes to live her life on her terms. Amid her choices and Royal protocol, it seems Harry’s inclination is a concern for the Queen.

“His (Harry) duty is to support the Queen and the institution, and sometimes that means gritting your teeth and doing things you don’t like,” said another Royal journalist.


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