Rangreza is set to release by the end of 2017

Rangreza is set to release by the end of 2017

The movie ‘Rangreza’ is set to release in the end of December 2017. This movie will be the third movie of the international distributor, B4U. The first two movies were ‘Bin Roye’ and ‘Janaan’, both of which were loved by the audience. Rangreza shows a love triangle between Gohar Rasheed, who is playing the character of Waseem Wale, Urwa Hocane who is playing Reshmi and Bilal Ashraf who will be acting as a character called Ali.

Rangreza is set to release by the end of 2017

Difference between two musical contrasts will be shown in the movie, The Qawali and the Current music era. All the Qawals who are going to be a part of this movie belong to the elite singers, which includes Abida Parveen, Farid Ayaz and Hamza Qawwal. The singers from the current era will be Asrar, Janita Gandhi and Khuram Josh.

The movie has a strong cast which includes Salim mairaj , Akbar subhani, Tanveer Jamal, Shahid naqvi, Humaira bano, Saba Faisal and many others as supporting characters.

Rangreza is set to release by the end of 2017

The dark side of obsession and the sweetest side of love will be portrayed. We have also heard that Gohar is set to break all the records of villains in our industry and we’re eager to see how evil is his character in this movie. On the other hand, Bilal Ashraf is going to play the role of a hero and we just can not get enough of how amazing he looks in the teaser. Rangreza is directed by Amir Mohiuddin, written by Akhtar Qayyum Sheikh.

Their looks were designed very close to reality by co stylists Hanish Qureshi and Asma Sohail by one of the best designers (Coco by Zara Shahjahan and EB by Ebtisam Ahmed) The art director of the movie is Noman Akhtar Khan and the people who contributed their efforts to their movie who have given a good time to commercial industry. The movie is a combination of an art and a commercial film. During the time of making the movie faced a lot of hurdles and hardships which you can see in the teaser easily. The teaser looks different from other Pakistani movies and chances are it might set a record. Lets just hope for the best.

Here’s the teaser, Watch now:


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