Do we really need Indian actors for the survival of Pakistani Cinema?

Due to the aggression and tension between India and Pakistan, extremists influenced Indian media to ban Pakistani content and artists to enter their country, post URI attacks. This created an uncertain situation and distress among the film fraternity of India, which had spent millions of Rupees on their movies and our artists.

Recently, a Pakistani dark-comedy film, Jeewan Haathi released in our cinemas as a ‘ray of hope’ but it turned out to be a ‘ray of embarrassment’ for the people of Pakistan. When on one hand India banned not only Pakistani content but also denied to entertain our actors, then, why did we entertain an Indian actor in our industry.  There is no doubt that Naseeruddin Shah is an amazing veteran artist, but what goes around comes around. If they are treating our brand like Fawad Khan and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan in an unimpressive manner then we should not oblige their brand in our territory, as well.

We have lot of talented and passionate people who are capable of making good films. The demand of our artists is not just only in India but worldwide. After all these facts, the question that arises is whether we need Indian actors for the survival of Pakistani Cinema? Our talent is no lesser compared to that of India, and we need to acknowledge their efforts and time that they have given to this industry.

Why are we always heading towards amending broken bonds? Is it not the responsibility of the rival neighbours to do so, for a change? But, if we still sign Indian faces, in order to show peace and harmony, forgetting the torture Muslims in Kashmir are still suffering, then we have DIED AS A NATION, for sure!

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