The reason of this baby’s death will shock you

baby died in cart

Usually whenever we go for grocery shopping with our children, the first thing we do is to make them sit in the cart while we enjoy picking up goods and place the purchases there. By this way we can easily shop and left the hands unoccupied and for kids it is funny because it’s like they are driving a car.

Vivianne, 32 years old lady living is USA, shared her worst nightmare. She went for grocery shopping with her baby Logan and made her little one sit in the cart. That cart seemed clean and germ free but it wasn’t, it had few particles of washing powder and the handle was too untidy but in hurry she didn’t realize and continued her shopping.

baby died in cart

When she got home, Logan took his usual afternoon sleep but when he didn’t wake up, his mother went to check him and he was in deep fever, shivering and turned blue in color. Vivianne took him to the nearest hospital where doctors diagnosed little baby was infected by 4 dangerous viruses: adenovirus, rotavirus, salmonellosis and meningitis. But they didn’t know how he fallen ill so fast.

Later they were told that the child had been infected by the shopping cart although the germs were invisible but were still there. Logan also ate few particles of washing powder, hence he got diarrhea that’s why needed do a serious hydration. Even though the boy seemed to be on the mend, 2 days later he passed away in the hospital.

baby died in cart

Vivianne started a campaign to make all the mothers know about the dangers to which they submit their children even unknowingly. She shared her story and asks everyone who has read it to share it again, so that no one else will suffer the immense pain that she will live with for the rest of her life.


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