Reasons why you should learn something new everyday

Reasons why you should learn something new everyday

When you think about the things you do everyday, you probably wouldn’t put learning new things on the list. Living in busy and hectic lifestyles makes it difficult to think about learning new things and trying something new.

Don’t let your pre-conceptions hold you back. Even if you’re strapped for time, there are several ways to learn something truly awesome every day.

Reduce stress

A new hobby can be a great stress reliever. It gives our brains something to think about other than our daily worries.

Gain confidence

When we succeed in learning something, we feel better and more confident in ourselves & our ability to tackle all sorts of new tasks.

Improve your mental health

This sense of achievement is an important part of ‘doing well’.

Be selfish

Learning something new might be the excuse you need for some “me time”.

Life is now, more than ever, about learning

Just think of the economic advantages you’re building constantly – stretching your mind and learning more.


Fareeha Imdad

Assistant Editor/ Columnist, Existentialist, Shopaholic, Feminist killjoy,

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