Reham Khan Burst her into tears is it another publicity stunt?


I’ll say it’s a male dominated society but still when it comes to marital life situation female is concerned as week or innocent, Reham Khan was invited to Shaista Lodhi’s morning show. Khan sung Ghazal & expressed her emotions while singing it “ISHQ MEIN GHAIRAT JAZBAAT NE RONE NA DIYA” She added: people always asked her that how she can be so strong & never cried, well for all those answer is, people who want to work to make something out of their lives do not cry. Really Reham Jee? Crying is a part of human nature; you might be very strong that you never cried even on your second divorce? You never cried when you were accused of making plots against Imran Khan? Plus even when you were accused of having fake journalism degree?  Later she defended herself by saying that i never said i had a journalism degree from that international institute. People of Pakistan thinks Reham married Imran Khan with an “Agenda” when she observed things are not going the way she wanted, she filed for divorce. Sorry to say Reham was not a Journalist she was just a BBC weather presenter later she joined Pakistani Media as an Anchor. Reham Jee you came in limelight just right after getting married with Imran Khan. Shaista burst into tears when khan was singing, while Shaishta is already divorced twice & married thrice.


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