Reshma Bano Is About To Set An Example At NYFW

Fashion weeks are happening all across the globe, the most notable fashion week NYFW (New York Fashion Week) will take place on Sept 8th 2016. Like every other season of NYFW it will have hot models, glamour, fashion, style and what not. But, above all this an example is about be set for the world as well. For us all, runway is meant for all the tall, beautiful and perfect girls right? After NYFW no one will ever see runway only for perfect models at all.

Reshma Bano – a 19 years old girl from Northern India is tall, beautiful but disfigured face and one eye missing. She was doused with acid in 2014 while protecting her sister from a crazed husband has been chosen by fashion production firm FTL Moda to appear at the prestigious fashion event. It is not yet known that what fashion brand she will represent or what kind of clothes she will be wearing.

She is both ecstatic and nervous. The only reason she agreed to walk the ramp was to raise awareness of the unregulated sale of acid in India and the rest of the world. She said, “I had never in my wildest dreams thought of going abroad let alone walking at a major fashion show. I am just happy to have been invited for a big event like this and show the world that beauty lies in the soul and not in looks.”

Pakistan also stands in the line of having acid attack survivors. Certain organizations and NGO’s are working hard to motivate them to survive in this cruel world. If they can do it, we can do it as well. It is an inspiration and motivation for those who always wanted to do something like this, here is a given chance to show that inner beauty is what all we need because beautiful features and makeup can make anyone look amazing.


FHM Pakistan

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