Reviving The Mughal Heritage – Subcontinent By Sonia Rehman Qureshi

Furniture is an essential part of any house, it adds beauty and creates a style statement. I would say, for Sonia Rehman Qureshi, furniture is a piece of art. Putting her education, creative mind and love for furniture to work she has created something extremely extra ordinary and beautiful which is certainly a must have for people who appreciate arts & crafts, and I found myself lucky enough to visit Canvas Gallery for an astonishing exhibition put up by Sonia.

Subcontinent – The word speaks itself! It always reminds of an era which as always praised arts, be it the Indus Valley Civilization, the Mughal Courts or the British Raj, artists and craftsmen produced outstanding and unique work which is still being praised by many.

In a very calm and quiet place, every single piece was telling its story. What a perfect design philosophy to play with, contemporary designs incorporated with the Mughal heritage. Few of the piece I would certainly like to highlight here are,


Voyage Chair – Made out of suitcases, these beautiful chair could look perfect in any room.


Malang Chair – Perfect mixture of colours would certainly make a corner of a simple room pop out with this chair.


Padshahnama Chest – Keep it empty or keep it full, it will enhance the beauty of any room.


Never thought book rest could look this beautiful as well.


And it took my breath away, an amazing example of perfect craftsmanship – Regal Bar!


These are some more eye pleasing pieces from the exhibition you can get your hands on. The exhibition will be on till July 16, 2016, pay a visit and fall in love with this art.


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