Pakistan is a vast country with different cultures and traditions. Each one is different from others, has rituals, and a lot of variations within them. Each culture holds its own significance and is different from another. Upon research, you’ll be shocked to see the number of different cultures that exist within Karachi itself.

These are the few most popular cultures you ll find within Pakistan. They are quite interesting too and I am sure, you have heard about them.



Who doesn’t know Memons? I mean they are everywhere; you can’t tell who is a Memon by their lifestyle, the way they speak, their social gatherings and so much more. Memons are usually organized, they are business orientated and the most famous thing is their most popular dish, khausay!! I am sure you know now!!


Boris are known and recognized by their attire, all of them wear the same homogenous clothes, a designed outfit usually goes by the name ‘burkha.’ They have extremely strict rituals and are religious. You’ll find them eating together in a plate called ‘thaal’



Sindhi’s are usually sophisticated landlords; their most famous piece of clothing is the Ajrak. Even apart from Sindhi’s, a lot of people are fans of this particular piece of clothing. Their most common and popular dish is Sindhi Biryani.













These cultures are not even close to the total number of cultures that exist in this country. There is so much more that we don’t know of!!

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