Rupinder Magon from Josh impresses Lagaan’s director with his Hollywood debut

Rupinder Magon from Josh impresses Lagaan's director with his Hollywood debut

Rupinder Magon of the internationally acclaimed band Josh, is starring in the Hollywood blockbuster, The Black Prince.

The biopic true story of the last king of Punjab boasts an incredibly powerful cast including Shabana Azmi, Jason Fleming, Amanda Root, and superstar Sufi singer Satinder Sartaj.

After all, he has been a well-known face on television for music videos and a few movies too. Rupinder’s acting has earned him fame and respect for his talents by more than one person. It seems that he has been able to charm many under his spells of charisma.

One such fan Rupinder gained was none other than the well-known director of the movie Lagaan, Ashutosh Gowariker.

“I was sitting right next to Ashutosh at the film’s London premiere. When the film ended, he told me that I held my own in the film and coming from somebody like him, I was honored.” said Rupinder on the remarks he gained for his performance in The Black prince.

Seems like Bollywood is all set for Josh!

The Black Prince is set to release July 21st on screens worldwide including India, Pakistan, Canada, UK, US and many more countries.


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