Saba Qamar says she may die doing Qandeel Baloch’s role

Saba Qamar says she may die doing Qandeel Baloch's role

With a controversial role at hand, comes a controversial statement by Pakistani debutante Saba Qamar who is also recently working for her upcoming drama – Baaghi – based on the tragic biopic of Qandeel Baloch. Saba Qamar in a recent interview stated that the role may either change the perception of the public or may lead to her death.

Talking about her bold roles Saba said, “I can do regular roles at any point in my career, but it’s good to do something my fans will remember me for.”

She added, “The perception was that Qandeel Baloch made inappropriate videos, but no one knows why she did it… She did it to earn money and support her family. She wasn’t educated, but dreamt of becoming famous. She didn’t have any other option to fulfill her dreams apart from taking to social media. She tried to do regular jobs, but wherever she went, she was exploited.

There is no doubt that Saba Qamar has a huge fan following regardless of her bold roles and immensely criticized projects. With her upcoming project, Saba has claimed that the people who tried to put Qandeel Baloch in a negative light are the ones who actually provided her that platform.

“If anyone, it’s the people who need to be blamed for making Qandeel a social media sensation. If no one had followed her, she would not have made what she did. It’s they who are responsible for her death.”

When the first look/teaser of the biopic was released, Saba abd the crew faced extreme criticism from people belonging to different walks of life, with reactions that she termed “very strong”.

“When we released the poster, the abuses poured in. If they are expecting an entertaining show, they will be disappointed. We are going to showcase the difficulties she faced, not glorify her.”

“Either this show manages to change the way our community thinks, or I die doing it.”


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